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The Difference Between Web Design and Web App Design

With iPhones and other smart phones steadily taking over the big wired world, the development of iPhone applications, or apps as they are affectionately called, are the hot new things that all businesses are focussed on developing in order to take their marketing campaigns to a whole new and infectious level. However, as people all over the world catch on to the business of app design, it’s important to differentiate application design from website design which can be a common mistake.

To begin with, let’s take a look at what is meant by website design. The term web design essentially refers to all the processes of creating the visual elements of a website such as its graphics, layout and content. The process of web design involves the provision of a complete outline for the visual appearance and mood of the web page. Web page design can sometimes, but does not usually include the creation of web codes. Rather, web design is concerned with devising and presenting all of the content that will be visible to a visitor to the site.

To explain the differences between website design and web app design, it’s necessary to understand what a web app is. Although an application relies on the internet, it is not strictly speaking a website. Rather, it is an application that utilises the technologies of web coding, such as HTML and JavaScript and serves a role closer to a software program, except it can be run directly from a website or downloaded and installed locally for use off-line. In it’s similarities to software design, the process of web app design is more the domain of web design and development combined. In contrast to web design, web development refers to the processes entailed in the creation and compilation of web code and the programming necessary for the website to have the appearance and functionality intended by the web designer. Therefore, while website design determines with the visible look and mood of the website, web app design is concerned with the preparation of hidden display mechanisms and operational capacities.

Although these initial definitions may not seem too different, website design differs to app design because applications differ to websites in several important ways. Firstly, they are self-contained items, as opposed to websites that are designed to encourage browsing across pages and following links.Web app design is concerned with the integration of interactive user interfaces and advanced device capabilities and technologies that web design does not touch on. Web page design and websites in general are more orientated toward providing information, whereas web app design prioritises the status of applications as an action-orientated tool designed to serve a specific purpose.

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