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6 Best english grammar app android

In some cases, poor grammar is normal, but in others, it can be terrible. Many grammar courses are available on the internet to help you improve your grammatical skills. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Android grammar tools for teaching English grammar.

6 Best english grammar app android

Basic English Grammar

Basic English Grammar is a lightweight and free Android software that will help you improve your grammatical skills. Basic English Grammar, as the name implies, relies solely on the basics of English grammar. As of today, the app contains over 230 grammar lessons and 480+ test lessons to help you improve your English skills. The software is easy to use, but it is ad-supported.

English Grammar Test

English Grammar Test is yet another excellent app for learning English grammar that relies on testing to sharpen your grammatical abilities. The best thing about the English Grammar Test is that it has over 1,200 total tests, which can improve your grammar skills. In addition, the English Grammar Test helps users to monitor their scores and progress.

English Grammar In Use

The English Grammar In Use is based on the best-selling book of the same name. About all you need to develop your grammatical skills can be found here. The app highlights over 145 grammar points, which is important for anyone studying English and grammar.


It’s a keyboard app, but with a few turns. To begin with, it immediately corrects all grammatical errors in every text you write on the internet. Aside from that, the keyboard software has an intelligent spell checker that operates in real time. The software not only corrects but also explains the grammatical mistake.


Udemy is one of the best learning sites where you can master a variety of skills. Udemy offers courses in food, technology, SEO, language, Internet Marketing, Learn English, Improve Grammar, and other subjects. You must first choose the most suitable grammar course on Udemy and begin studying. The courses are often accompanied by instructional videos and are shared by experts.

English Grammar Book by Talk English

This is also another excellent Android app that can assist someone who is only beginning to understand the English language. The best thing about English Grammar Book by Talk English is that it comes with a pre-set course schedule. The app covers 138 popular grammar points with straightforward explanations and entertaining quizzes.

These are the best english grammar app android to use.

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